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We look forward to welcome you to be an active partner journey of life and making school a truly rewarding experience for your child. Education is planned aimed at making children capable of becoming active, responsible , caring and contributive member of society. We, at the Rattan Convent School Faridabad encourage the students to analyse their experience, to doubt, to question and to investigate. In other words, we want the student to be inquisitive and to think independently. Rattan Convent School Faridabad emphasizes a way of education that embraces the best of East and West, the best of modern and traditional, to prepare your child to become a genuine world citizen. In the modern education system, the child has to develop the power of critical thinking.

We, at Rattan Convent School a curriculum and pedagogy to enhance the crtical thinking of your child. Here the child is not only a listener or a lerner but is given opportunity to participate in academics process through interactive learning. We family believe that the school years are crucial for development of good habits and strong character building block of excellence. The habbit to study the love for learning, the quest for truth, the sense of responsibility, use of freedom and willingness to transform society the right direction are especially important. These are tools to impower the student to become excellent human being.

Yashvir Dagar

(Chairman, Rattan Group of Institutions)

Rattan Convent School

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