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The School was established in 2002 under the able guidance of conscientious and meticulous personalities with a vision to impart quality education to the students and nurture their innate capacities and potentialities in a conducive environment for learning.

Over the years, the school has crossed many milestones and established itself as a quality institution through ceaseless strivings in all spheres of school life. With over thousands of students on its rolls along with a caring and a dedicated team of teachers and staff, the school has kindled the flame hidden in every child in order to transform them into the torchbearers of tomorrow. We impart personalized learning, provide an international platform to students not forgetting the Indian values and taking the best from Indian Education system.

At Rattan Convent School, a teacher is a facilitator, a coach and a mentor committed to ensuring a student’s success.



“ It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it “ ---- Aristotle

A school is a place where young minds learn and develop to step out in the competitive world. It is not just a palace with big rooms, labs or library, it is a second home to every child. At RCS, we believe in providing everything a child needs for better overall development. Our school provides quality infrastructure, a conducive environment and a dedicated faculty to help our student realise their capabilities and eventually find their niche in the world. With the world getting back to post-COVID, we are extremely ecstatic to have our children back to our school.

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Indu Kaushik

Rattan Convent School

School facility

Rattan Convent School

Quality Education

We offers a learner-friendly environment with a fine blend of functionality and aesthetics.

Well Equipped Laboratories

Well-designed laboratories not only make science experiments fun but also help students in achieving good academic results.

Safe and Convenient Transport

While thinking about the safety aspect, school buses are the perfect means to enjoy a safe and comfortable journey back and forth to school.

Sports Program

Laying an unrestricted plan for Sports and Physical Education, the vision is best represented with progammes framed exclusively at the campus.

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Well Qualified Teachers
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Rattan Convent School

Rattan Convent School is a co-education, english medium, senior secondary school 

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Rattan Convent School

Rattan Convent School not only focuses on improving my son’s areas of need but also really puts a huge emphasis on bolstering his individual strengths. My child has grown in a way that he never would have at another school due to this excellent individualized and warm environment. The teachers are highly educated, thoughtful, and nurturing. They provide rigorous academic challenges, as well as the tools and strategies needed to meet those challenges. I am so pleased.”

aaaaaaaaaaaa Father

Rattan Convent School is a great place, where students are imparted excellent academic and extracurricular Education. All students are treated equally and with respect. There is a positive energy flowing from the teachers and the office staff. All class and extra-curricular activities are conducted exceptionally well. The portions are covered at such a pace that, the students don’t feel burdened. Our son Abhidarsh loves coming to school. Last but not least, a big thanks to all his favorite teachers.

aaaaaaaaaaaaa Mother

I chose Rattan Convent School 3 years ago for my daughters with high expectations of getting the best possible education as well as exposure to extra-curricular activities. I am not disappointed at all. RCS has delivered more than my expectations. The amount of importance laid on sports activities, which has become a dream in Bangalore schools is indeed commendable. The staff is very caring, professional and responsible. Thanks to the management.


It’s wonderful to see our daughter Tiana grow from a bud to a flower. Rattan Convent School has helped in developing her character, talents and various skills, not only academically but also excelling in various other areas like sports and cultural activities. We are very happy and grateful to RCS for played a vital role in our daughter’s transformation. It has a been a great experience to watch my children become more independent and confident at such an early age.


This school is the best school for all the children, in terms of sports and education. In short, it’s the school where my daughter carries a smile on her face and that shows it’s a right choice for her to be in Rattan Convent School. As a parent we all look for that smile. our experience so far has been excellent. The personal and dedicated approach of the staff has made us feel comfortable about him being in this school. We are extremely happy with his academic progress.

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