Rattan Convent School


We Providing a pragmatic child-centred environment that makes learning a joyful experience

The School is located at a prominent, peaceful location off Ballabgarh, Faridabad. The entire campus is fully air-conditioned with 24/7 power backup. The campus has several playing fields interspersed with grassy knolls, beautiful green spaces and tree-lined avenues. Thoughtfully designed ,all facilities in the school are within close walking distance.

We offer not just classrooms, but workshops for learning:

  • Flexible, spacious subject based classrooms.
  • All teaching areas are equipped with technological aids: a PC projector, camera and visualiser.
  • Modular furniture used by the Primary School allows the rapid reorganisation of the classroom to accommodate group work and differentiation.
  • Extensive display boards in every classroom provide space for the acknowledgement of students’ work and achievements.
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